The Best Ad-blockers For Work

Thursday , 12, March 2020 Comments Off on The Best Ad-blockers For Work

We understand that advertisements are keeping websites alive because they generate revenue for the business. We also understand that we surf the web for free because it is running so many ads. If there are no ads being displayed then you can count on the fact of being charged an amount to access content. If you’ve ever worked at a digital marketing agency, you would know what we’re talking about. If you have a website with great SEO marketing – you don’t need a lot of ads as you get found anyway. But if you don’t – then ads are your only option. 

But even though we know the websites need it – we don’t always want to look at ads. You probably use a variety of web pages every day that are flooded with ads and banners. Having that many ads won’t enhance our browsing experience and – if too annoying  – it forces us to exit that website. 

The answer, of course, is the Ad-blocker! They started appearing online pretty recently, and everyone is getting on it. Blockers usually function as a browser extension or an app, that is able to remove the ads from web pages, giving you better browsing experience. Many of these blockers work well and can be used on all devices – from laptops to smartphones and tablets. Blocking ads makes websites easier to read. It also helps you concentrate on your work, as they block the ads that are annoying you. You will also save data if you are browsing without ads, as they are not downloading themselves. And marketers won’t be able to track your browsing history. Win-win really. 


This is on the top of the best list at the moment. It is a New York-based company and has been around for many years. They make apps and different extensions that help protect your privacy. It is known as one of the best extensions and it works on all sorts of browsers including Opera, Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It can be used on both Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. It can detect which of your information is being picked up by marketers, and it will rewrite it before passing onto the third parties – basically making you anonymous. You can find the icon at the top right of the browser with the other extensions and when you click on it, you will be given the main window which can pause the blocker by the pressure that option. The best thing about this extension is that it is free to use.

AdBlock Plus Blocker

AdBlock Plus Blocker is a very popular tool used to get rid of online ads. It is an extension that is free to use for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Android. It will block all ads while it also prohibits the tracking. It also blocks domains that spread malware. You can create filters according to your needs. What’s important to note here is that this app doesn’t function on its own – instead it will only work from the instructions that it is given by the user. That’s how the filter plays a role here. You can use the options already in the existing filter or you are welcome to create your own.


This one tops the lists to as a reliable and easy-to-use blocker. Adguard can get rid of any flashy ads and will offer protection from malware. It removes all the tracking cookies and it will make pages load faster, which gives you are a smooth surfing experience. This mainly comes as computer software (rather than for your phone). It can be downloaded for your laptop or desktop. You can block ads including games and videos. There are many filters that are available so you can ensure you get the best filtering experience. It works best in Chrome and Firefox but it can be used in other browsers as well.