The Best Ad-blockers For Work

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We understand that advertisements are keeping websites alive because they generate revenue for the business. We also understand that we surf the web for free because it is running so many ads. If there are no ads being displayed then you can count on the fact of being charged an amount to access content. If you’ve ever worked at a digital marketing agency, you would know what we’re talking about. If you have a website with great SEO marketing – you don’t need a lot of ads as you get found anyway. But if you don’t – then ads are your only option. 

But even though we know the websites need it – we don’t always want to look at ads. You probably use a variety of web pages every day that are flooded with ads and banners. Having that many ads won’t enhance our browsing experience and – if too annoying  – it forces us to exit that website. 

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The answer, of course, is the Ad-blocker! They started appearing online pretty recently, and everyone is getting on it. Blockers usually function as a browser extension or an app, that is able to remove the ads from web pages, giving you better browsing experience. Many of these blockers work well and can be used on all devices – from laptops to smartphones and tablets. Blocking ads makes websites easier to read. It also helps you concentrate on your work, as they block the ads that are annoying you. You will also save data if you are browsing without ads, as they are not downloading themselves. And marketers won’t be able to track your browsing history. Win-win really. 


This is on the top of the best list at the moment. It is a New York-based company and has been around for many years. They make apps and different extensions that help protect your privacy. It is known as one of the best extensions and it works on all sorts of browsers including Opera, Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It can be used on both Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. It can detect which of your information is being picked up by marketers, and it will rewrite it before passing onto the third parties – basically making you anonymous. You can find the icon at the top right of the browser with the other extensions and when you click on it, you will be given the main window which can pause the blocker by the pressure that option. The best thing about this extension is that it is free to use.

AdBlock Plus Blocker

AdBlock Plus Blocker is a very popular tool used to get rid of online ads. It is an extension that is free to use for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Android. It will block all ads while it also prohibits the tracking. It also blocks domains that spread malware. You can create filters according to your needs. What’s important to note here is that this app doesn’t function on its own – instead it will only work from the instructions that it is given by the user. That’s how the filter plays a role here. You can use the options already in the existing filter or you are welcome to create your own.


This one tops the lists to as a reliable and easy-to-use blocker. Adguard can get rid of any flashy ads and will offer protection from malware. It removes all the tracking cookies and it will make pages load faster, which gives you are a smooth surfing experience. This mainly comes as computer software (rather than for your phone). It can be downloaded for your laptop or desktop. You can block ads including games and videos. There are many filters that are available so you can ensure you get the best filtering experience. It works best in Chrome and Firefox but it can be used in other browsers as well.



2 Amazing Benefits of Responsive Design for Mobile and SEO

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We now Reside in a mobile-first Age and are going toward a mobile-first index for Google.

That is because customers are hooked on tablets and smartphones and not just desktop computers. And that is not changing any time soon.

Within this environment, responsive layout is no longer an innovation. On the contrary, it is now a normal part of any search engine optimization program(SEO), irrespective of industry.

Do Not Be Unresponsive to Reactive Web Design

The past 12 months have seen the Internet move ahead at an unbelievable speed. Among many of the numerous changes, the inevitable occurred. Mobile web browsing overtook desktop as the first selection for internet users.

As printed in late 2016, we also found that, of the Folks that only use 1 kind of apparatus, twice as many are utilizing tablets over desktop computers.

Neither of those discoveries could have taken internet designers and entrepreneurs by surprise. And yet, the slow reaction of the company and the business web design industryto the brand-new state of this internet is a little baffling.

In short, Google Will prefer websites that are optimized for Individuals utilizing smartphone and mobile devices. Those sites are generally those which have integrated a mobile responsive layout.

If you are not yet reaping the Search Engine Optimization benefits from updating to a Mobile responsive layout, here are the two main reasons why you need to make your move today.

1. Improved Site Usability

If users cannot easily browse your website, it is unlikely that they will stick.

Google admits ‘time on page’ is a basic indicator of a Website’s value for any specific query. Responsive web layout makes your site a lot easier for people to read and browse. The outcome is a better user experience and generally a larger time on website.

Fantastic usability scores contribute to repeat traffic and improved conversions. As mentioned above, Google is the company of fulfilling consumer questions.

A cellular responsive web design is essential to a favorable user experience, and Google will reward sites that satisfy users with this kind of an experience. A site should be responsive for both mobile as well as desktop computers.

Customer experience and website usability cannot be over-emphasized. Companies and every web design agencyneed to stay cautious in regards to conversion and client experience.

Favorable reviews, traffic, and a rise in branded hunts — all of which could affect ranking — come as a consequence of consumer experience. And below those variables lay the design components of a web site.

Customer travel and customer experience are what makes companies online triumph and cellular reactive design is the basis upon which adventure happens.

As significant, is the fact that raising website usability through reactive design not only suits consumers but is generally rewarded by Google with better search engine ranks.

2. Boosted Social Sharing

Reactive website design is built to create social sharing opportunitiesthat are simple for the most dominant market — cellular users.

Although social websites might help SEO, societal shares won’t possess a direct effect on rankings. But it can allow you to develop an audience.

A larger audience may mean more visitors and involvement, along with more search queries to your brand — that will surely force Google to take note.

A Site That isn’t optimized for smartphone and mobile users is going to have a really tricky time in compelling its customers to browse the awkward and badly designed social sharing programs that have been developed for purely desktop computer usage.

Thinking Ahead: Pre-Planning with Mobile Users in Mind

Pre-planning your cellular responsive internet design will usually lead to a more succinct and thoughtful layout. It assists a company to develop a search engine optimization plan and put out the vision and aim of this site before you begin building it.

Pre-planning will also assist you to create the language for Your Company, Website, or Service. That language will become significant later on when you undertake your key word research and cellular content plan.Twitter

How to get the Ideal Website from your Web Designer

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Working with your Web Designer doesn’t have to be a total nightmare, from years of experience I’ve learnt some of the common mistakes business owners make when enlisting website design services to build the ideal online platform. When done right the finished product can add so much value to your business and things typically go wrong when the following five things aren’t considered

1. Ensure you share similar thoughts about company Goals

Even If you’re working together along with your internet Designer to make sure the look and feel of the website meets your vision, things can still fail if you both have different senses of their end objective. That’s why it’s important that all parties have a good idea about exactly what the site business aims are. These business objectives will work as a defensive measure against which you can measure conclusions being made in the creation of your site.

All parties don’t simply need to share a frequent perspective of the company goals, they also should agree on precisely who the target audiences will be.

2. Make sure that the target market is obviously defined

Do everything in your power to clearly convey as much information about your customers as possible for your web designer. That is where acquiring the web designer to do some usability testing is valuable. Even better, encourage a web designer to perform this usability testing with your current customers. This way he or she’ll find a crystal-clear comprehension of what makes your customers tick.

If the web designer doesn’t fully comprehend the goal audience, they may easily present the whole website in the incorrect way.

But, it’s important to note that it isn’t just the designer that requires a firm grasp of their target market. You do also. Perhaps you already believe you’re doing it right. However, unless you’re meeting customers on a daily basis, it’s still worth engaging in any respect, with testing. You might be surprised exactly how different your customers are out of your preconceptions.

3. Do not overwork the layout

A Frequent problem I see happen on many design jobs is that the site owner is overworking a layout. That is something most web designers have learnt to not do, chiefly because they’ve had it drummed into them in their junior years. But because most site owners don’t come from a design history they frequently fall into this timeless layout snare.

Since design is subjective, you can never make the Ideal layout. However, your desire to attain perfection contributes to tweak after tweak; so as to get it ‘just right’. The problem is that you can’t get it ‘just right’. You will get it to a level that you personally like it, but does this mean it’ll do the task and invite users to complete your calls to act?

A related Issue is that site owners frequently have the understanding you get one shot at getting the layout right. That’s not the situation. In fact, frequently the perfect method to get the mythical ‘ideal layout’ is to place something live and observe how users interact with this. Then it is possible to refine and tweak based on sound data as opposed to private opinion.

That brings me to a few of the largest problems of this designer/client relationship. Website owners must be operating in long-term partnership with designers!

4. Work as a continuing partnership

Most site owners commission a web designer to redesign T=their site and walk away. This prevents any type of continuing evolution of the website based on user investigation.

I have discussed this issue with many web design companies; some of the best opinions I heard on this is from Tondo a Melbourne based website design company; their onus was “site owners ought to be working with and using their web designers on a regular, monthly basis”. This allows for a continuous program of refinements that will ultimately prevent the huge price of regular redesign.

When you have employees throughout your organisation upgrading website content, with social websites or using other electronic tools, they require training.

5. Focus on issues not solutions

Ultimately, I think it’s extremely important to clearly specify (and adhere to) your own respective characters. I feel it’s the site owners job to recognize issues and for the web designers to fix these issues.

However, often times, it does not work out like that. The site owner sees an issue (e.g. the color scheme isn’t suitable for his viewers) also informs the designer how matters ought to be shifted (e.g. vary from pink to blue). On the other hand, the web designer is none the wiser as to what the underlying issue is. He simply knows the customer now wants the website gloomy. This makes it impossible for your web designer to indicate alternative solutions which may be better. In a nutshell, the site owner becomes the programmer and also the web designer becomes a tech implementing the layout.

This can be both a waste of their abilities of this web designer and damages the connection between the two parties. The internet designer becomes disenfranchised and loses interest in the undertaking.

So, there’s my top five tips, do you agree? If you’ve got some good suggestions leave them in the comments and I might write another article on this. While the five above are important, there’s countless other bits of advice I’ve missed. The best tip I’ve heard however is this one;

“Don’t be a dick, treat your designer like a business partner”

Additionally, always remember to ask the right questions before going into the relationship with a web designer. As the wrong or a bad designer will lead to a frustrating relationship regardless

Why SEO is Crucial for Business Success

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The significance of marketing SEO serviceshas become a point of debate for several years. Half the world-wide web feels SEO is dead, although the other half believes it is needed. But do we forget it? There’s lots of advice available on the internet about how to control the positions in one manner or another, but one variable is continuous: SEO’s use is about an abrupt increase. The prevalence is significant.

People today, use the web and enter countless keywords daily. If you understand how sites function, you could have the ability to be aware of the rich advantages of SEO. From the corporate environment, currently, competitiveness is essential. Digital marketing specialists understand how important SEO is for companies. Here are the most attractive reasons for your company to allocate some capital towards SEO

Search Engines Are Important Gateways

Search engines will be the main gateway to achievement. The Number of goods and services published daily has increased year on year. It comes as no surprise that approximately 90 percent of those people today check product testimonials before vouching to obtain the item. If the international demand is large, the consumer will buy a product or a service. In this electronic era, clients are purchasing everything online.

As many as four out of five clients search with the intent of finding a local supplier of their desired product. Because of this, SEO might need to be implemented if your customers are region-based. Firms will need to adapt to the latest approaches to reap the advantages.

Websites and Social Media

A carefully-managed Search Engine Optimization effort will expand the attempts to Various sites. Social networking websites and blogging platforms shift link building to a whole new dimension. As companies, the better the site is rated, the more crowds that can be reached. Successful content promotion is a wonderful boost for the business’s SEO and then for your business as a whole.

Search Engine Optimization Is Economical

Although content promotion results in advantages for your Company, other activities can reveal similar outcomes. Specifically email advertising is famous for its positive outcomes. PPC campaigns and banner advertisementsalso play a fundamental function.

But, email marketing campaigns require a massive time and monetary commitment. An immense number of funds is needed to coincide with the current advertising trends. Search engine optimization is about the inexpensive side, which makes it a no-brainer for start-ups.

Huge Return on Investment

While it might be tricky to ascertain the advantages of SEO for your company, it consistently has a high ROI. If your site has the highest ranking for a search term, it is going to get up to 33 percent higher engagement from searchers. Because of this, businesses which invest in the ideal direction, are very likely to gain more than the initial investment.

The hottest web queries and also the most visited internet pages have the best possibility of a constantly increasing ROI. Most importantly, SEO advertising is cheap. It is a guaranteed and cheap process of company promotion and advancement. It for sure requires a while to construct and manage an advertising campaign. The more you spend, the greater. Knowing this is essential, as an increased degree of visitors increases the conversion rate.

Video Marketing Is Wonderful

Online advertisement Isn’t limited solely to content advertising but additionally to email campaigns. Lately, video advertisements and its engagement rate have soared. A large amount of users watch videos each day. The most well-known sites are YouTube and Facebook. Videos created and constructed around key words will lead to more top audiences and popularity. The videos are also connected to maximize the visitors and make better the rank of their brand.

The many innovative algorithms operate on the exact same inherent principles. Videos will be the future of promotion. Firms can sense the significance of video content within an advertisement. A correctly made video is conceptually placed and requires linking, sharing and marketing, using SEO.

Mobile Devices are Starting to Dominate

Prospective clients use smartphones at a record number. It has grown into an essential component of our lives. The traffic created by cellular consumers is a dominant force on the internet. Because of this, companies should alter their promotional programs.

An entirely new range of Search Engine Optimization techniques masters the mobile marketing spectrum. SEO marketing experts working with big-league businesswill tell you mobile devices require adequate support to rank higher.

Keeping Tabs on Competition

It is very important to keep up with your opponents’ actions. The Main keyword phrases as well as the effects on the initial page play a substantial role in knowing how SEO will work for your business. All company rivals are utilizing SEO for their sites, and using it will just raise your outreach.

If your brand isn’t investing in search engine optimization methods, you’re currently already behind the game. The Quicker you know this truth, the better it will be for your small business.

Business Success

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Why Businesses Fail

It’s a fact of business that businesses fail because of a lack of funding and investment, and a lack of skills and knowledge about your chosen industry.

Bloomberg state that a huge 80%, 8 out of 10 businesses fail as part of a general statistic, attributing failure to simply running out of cash. Surely given this huge statistic of business failure why do businesses keep on failing at such a high rate, and what can we do about it?

A vital area that many people fail to recognize, often when they become absorbed in their businesses. By the very nature of business it can be all-consuming and distract you from identifying some disparities with a profitable business success formula.

Between 80-90% of business owners don’t recognize the correlation or the relationship between two belief systems.

These belief systems consist of knowledge of themselves on a subconscious level, and knowledge of the fundamental areas in business. When these two belief systems work to compliment each other we become solution orientated and strive to achieve positive outcomes. Our motivations and goals are in equal alignment and work together harmoniously towards the goal of business success and profitability.

When these belief systems are in alignment success starts to happen and quite often it can be rapid. Business however is rarely smooth and business owners face daily challenges that can make us doubt the belief in ourselves, or our business intentions.

Situations can arise that can induce doubt or a lack of confidence. Different situation affect people in different ways, but confidence issues can cause a misalignment, even friction with these belief systems causing many people to question themselves and to question, perhaps even quit those intentions of achieving success regardless of how close they were to it, simply because those doubts have been left unmanaged and subconsciously they don’t see the potential in themselves.

A common challenge people face when developing an Internet business is information overload, raising doubt over their abilities to learn technical skills and apply Internet Marketing techniques, or dealing with the nay-sayers and negative people who enjoy casting doubt on your enthusiastic business plans.

If you allow these doubts to creep in and destabilize your knowledge and belief, alignment failure will be the result if left unchecked.

How To Succeed In Business

To succeed in business simply understand why businesses fail…

Success in business, hasn’t really got anything to do with business. Of course researching your market and supplying a solution to a specific problem, are the foundations of a potential business, but that’s not really business, that’s common sense!

… and common sense isn’t that common…

Success, has everything to do with being a successful person, and developing the success traits that you can adopt into any area of your life.

How many people do you know that have always earned the same level of income, or always had the same lifestyle? What about that person that’s always short of money (we all know them!).

And of course there are the stories of the bankrupt millionaire who made his money back from scratch within two years.

Businesses don’t really fail – people do…

The way you succeed in business, is to succeed in yourself. Develop your mindset into an unshakable system that won’t be effected by negative influences or daily challenges.

So how can you do this..?

Your mind is directly effected by the information you put into it, just like a computer. The trouble is we don’t realise what information is being put into it, until you start consciously taking control of the information.

Information such as books audio’s, video and the people you associate with has a big influence.

If you spend your downtime working on yourself with personal development training, the time you spend in your business will be more productive and your belief systems and knowledge will be in alignment for you to profit and succeed in your business.

I appreciate many people are busy, so I produced an audio podcast entitled Developing The Mind of a Champion designed for you to understand this process for yourself, how to recognise your own behaviour patterns thoughts and actions based upon your own belief system and how you can change your belief system by re-programming your mind. This Podcast is available on my website.

The Internet Marketing Coach that never uses shampoo… Armed with years of business success and a film degree, John McLauchlan is on a mission to help ordinary people succeed with their Internet Marketing Business quests and the Author of the forthcoming book “Exposing The Warrior – How To Build Confidence For Life.”

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